CD presentation of Curators Choice, Viridian Artists, N Y, July 2007

"18th National Juried Exhibition" VIRIDIAN ARTISTS, INC. 530 West 25th Street #407 New York, NY 10001 Charlotta Kotik, Brooklyn Museum, Curator and Chair of Contemporary Art July 9 - 27, 2007 Viridian Artists Inc .is pleased to present its Eighteenth Annual Juried Exhibition featuring the work of an exciting variety of artists. This year we were fortunate to have the winners selected by Charlotta Kotik, from the Brooklyn Museum, N.Y. As Ms.Kotik explains: "The submissions for the Viridian Gallery 18TH Annual Juried Exhibition were exciting in their variety. In order to reflect this diversity I did not try to impose a unifying look on the exhibition – various expressions are joined in this presentation that brings together large installation pieces as well as small drawings. Because it is a large group exhibition it would be impossible to comment on every selected piece – and doing anything less would not be fair – therefore I can only mention that the various techniques and media presented at the Viridian Gallery give an excellent image of artistic tendencies employed by practicing artists at this very moment. It is the liberating power of art to give a tangible expression to a personal approach to creative ideas – and it is a joy to be able to see so many unique results. Prints, drawings, sculpture, installations and/ or photography, working with the principles of representation or abstraction, all create the kaleidoscope of impressions emanating from installed works." The first prize winner, William Herwig, will receive $1000 for an intriguing bronze plate. The 2nd prize of $500 goes to Suzanne Hodges for a large linen/cotton collage and the third prize is an archival inkjet pigment print by David Colon. Also on exhibit will be the work of 26 other artists as follows: Barbara Drozdzik, Jeff Krolick, Steve Elliott, Rusty Leffel, Jonathan Morse, Sara Frankel, John Bendel, Judith Effa Ford, Robert Brennan, Alistair Gordon, Deborah Winiarski, Chrissanth Greene-Gross, Judith Gussoff, Julie Anne Mann, Tasja Keetman, James D. Hastings, Jia-Jen Lin, Craig Cheply, Anni Abbi, John Holmgren, Andrew Jones, Michael Borek, Mike Kelley, Angela M. Devenney, Bill Ades, Anthony Santella and Karen Bush. In addition, this year, during the group show, we will be showing a CD presentation of the Curator's choice: Ching Yun Chan, Douglas Moldoff, Molly Comstock, Liz Kelner Pozen, William Cravis, Anne Borsch, Dolores Poacelli, John D'Agostino, Alison Horvitz, Michael W. Freio, Hope Dector, Elizabeth Featherstone Hoff, Natalya Aikens, Gary Heller, Francisco Floret, Chris Jaworski, Galia Gluckman, Salma Arastu, Christina Galbiati, Danelle Manthey, Roberta Griffin, Derek Jecxz, Zeynep and Cagla Alkan. And the Gallery Director's choice for the CD presentation during the exhibition will be: Jennifer Delilah, Jessica Schieffer, Vaeta Zitman, Richard Eagan, Kim Beckmann, John Alan Nyberg, Loura Van Der Meule, Allen Palmer, Susan Reed, Steven Burkowski, Alicia Ross, Chiami Serine, Elaine B. Rothwell, Alexander Bevington, Basak Yuksel, Renee E. Rubin, Gilden Bransky, Eduardo Terranova, Virginia Saunders, Larry D'Arrigo, Gregory Thielker, and Tonja Torgerson.