Sculptor creates Super Bowl Pieces, South Bend Tribune, Feb. 2, 2007

February 02. 2007 Inspired by the game … Sculptor creates Super Bowl pieces South Bend Tribune Article by D.L. PERRIN Tribune Correspondent Chris and Robin Jaworski love their little farmstead in Union. Chris is a horticulturalist, landscaper, farmer and nurseryman with his business filling their 20-acre lakeshore farm. Covering a large portion of this land are the tools of his artistic endeavor -- metal sculpting. He uses whatever scrap is lying around and what he can tear off of an existing piece of old farm equipment. He prides himself on creating art by recycling old machinery parts he has collected over the years from his father and his grandfather's farms. His Super Bowl XLI sculpture is a departure from Jaworski's usual subject matter. It consists of heavy steel gears, hitches and armatures from machinery. "The inspiration for the Super Bowl Sculpture was completely deliberate," Jaworski explained. The raging bear and the rearing colt reflect the passion both teams ignite in their fans. "The people in our area seem conflicted about the Super Bowl rivalry and my piece is intended as a tribute to this historical event" Jaworski says this piece is the first sculpture he will put up for sale. A longtime Bear fan, Jaworski says since the Colts moved to Indianapolis his loyalty now lies with that team. Jaworski says the shape of the metal tells him what it should become. He recalled the first time he was inspired to create decades ago at his own family's farm auction. "While we were waiting for the farm sale to close I was inspired to make my first sculpture," Chris said. "I looked at a piece of steel from a stalk chopper and thought about how much it looked like the head from some alien creature. I felt I had to create." Unable to save his ancestral farm near South Bend, Jaworski eventually built a landscaping business and garden center on his own land. A few decades later and five children in the home, he and Robin say they are more financially secure and he now has time to devote to his sculptures. He has over 100 finished pieces he will exhibit in galleries and juried shows throughout the year. Upcoming exhibits for Jaworski include The 12 12 Gallery, Richmond, Va., Feb. 23 to March 18 and at the Limner Gallery, Hudson, N. Y., March 1 to 24. Chris Jaworski is an accomplished metal artist, horticulturalist and gentleman farmer now living in Union. Swept up in the local rivalry and equally passionate support for both of these Super Bowl-bound teams, Jaworski started on building his tribute to those teams the night the Colts beat the Patriots. After 50 hours of labor, he came up with the these two steel-welded team symbols.