Tool Trade, Lake Magazine, Oct/Nov 2007

TOOL TRADE By Ashley Brown photo by Bruce Bever From the October/November 2007 Issue In the beginning: Chris Jaworski spent his childhood years on a farm in South Bend, Ind., and then 20 years owning a landscaping and nursery business. After his father passed away, he inherited his dad’s antique farm equipment and tools. Rather than having them melted down, sold or tossed in a junkyard, he moved the lot to his farm in Union City, Mich. “It’s my heritage – it’s my dad’s stuff and my grandfather’s,” he says. Lightbulb moment: In 2005, Jaworski started crafting whimsical sculptures from the equipment. “It was a chance to show that at least in my own little way, I can re-use stuff and make something new out of it.” Inspiration: Jaworski’s love for farming, nature and outdoors are where he discovers his inspiration. He can find fancy and imaginative creatures in something as simple as an old hammer. “If I have a piece of steel in my hand that has a particular shape, texture and size,” he says, “it sometimes looks like a bill of a bird, or a wing, or a foot, or a leg. Or it could be a head of a flower or a leaf.” The double-take: When visitors see Jaworski’s biggest sculpture, the insect called “Buzz” that sits on his front lawn, it always garners a second look. Get it now: Union, Mich. Chris Jaworski Studio & Gardens 70877 Sunset Blvd.