Review from Space 237 Gallery 2008

"Environments" Space 237 Gallery, Toledo, OH Myela Slattery, Exhibition Coordinator “We here at Space 237 Galleries and Studios felt absolutely fortunate to show Chris Jaworski’s creature sculptures in our 2007 Fall Show. Not only is his skill and technique incredible, but more importantly the presence of his pieces are not that of just art, but of actual personalities and joy. Chris gave us the opportunity to bring a smile to everyone who walked through our doors. Generally viewers feel slightly intimidated by artwork at a gallery, but everybody seemed comfortable with his sculptures. We had a group come in, and absentmindedly pet a dinosaur while they talked to each other. A family came in, and I watched a little girl hold a conversation with one of the birds. I even found myself speaking and making noises for them. They are truly magical creatures. It’s hard to write about Chris’s sculptures without incorporating individual accounts, b/c his pieces affect you on such a personal level. With that said, during the show I was personally going through one of the roughest moments in my life due to family tragedy and illness. No matter how sad or frustrated I came to work, just stepping in the gallery would give me a sense of peace and joy. Every so often I believe art has the ability to capture a spirit, and I certainly believe Chris has accomplished that. Rather than telling the metal he uses in his pieces what to be, he lets it tell him what it wants to be. In that organic process he is able create more than just objects and art, he also creates happiness. In a world where happiness can often seem hard to find, Chris’s sculptures are a must for everyone. Not a must see, but a must experience.”